The day will come before I die, that man on earth will not believe what they are reading.

Is it possible that there could be such people on our planet ?

What really worries me is that the number of followers who will follow those idiots will continue to grow.

Some of the things I expect these leaders of men will be telling the world, is that they suspect the ozone hole has always been there.

Their claims that if chlorofluorocarbons really destroy the ozone then there should be a hole over the factories that make it.

They no doubt will have never heard of the magnetic fields centred over the poles of this planet, not to mention the wind.

And should you ask these experts about the greenhouse effect, they will simply say there is no such thing.

Then when you ask them about the acid rain, they simple state that it is only one per cent of what it is claimed to be.

Surely there can be none so blind as those who do not wish to see, and when that is coupled with uninhibited greed, as no doubt it will be, then it will become a sad day for Mother Earth and her children.

For we truly are, the children of Mother Earth.

Perhaps I could do no better than recite for you a little poem, which says it all.



Our children are crying, hear what they say.
Don't take our tomorrow and throw it away.

Our planet is dying because you don't care.
With your misguided science you're polluting our air.

You cut too much forest for monetary gain.
The ground is so thirsty, no trees, mean no rain.

You've poisoned our oceans with filthy refuse.
Our fish, many are dying through senseless abuse.

Is this the inheritance you old ones will leave?
You are stealing our birthright, and for this we grieve.

We'll have no tomorrow unless you take heed.
And cease the destruction you cause by your greed.

So list' to our crying, and hear what we say.
Give back our tomorrow, take heed today.

Stop your pollution before it's too late.
Or we'll all have no future, but share the same fate.


If man could only grieve for this planet, as they did for Diana, there still could be a future for all of mankind.

Prof. John R. R. Searl