With your membership to D.I.S.C., you will have access to the Members and Builders Sections of the web site. Within these sections, you will find:

  • Over 3-1/2 Hours of Audio Lectures from Prof. Searl's past Lectures and Workshops.
  • Access to 100+ commonly asked questions with follow-up answers with the ability to submit your own questions.
  • Progress reports concerning the manufacturing of the SEG (Searl Effect Generator). These reports will include photos of the latest rings & rollers being manufactured as they become available.
  • Photos, illustrations and diagrams that previously were only available for viewing at lectures given by Prof. Searl.
  • Members will be able to read information being released by Prof. Searl before it becomes available to the general public.
  • Video and audio clips will be available to our members. These will include animated illustrations, exerpts from past interviews and lectures by Prof. Searl, plus much more...
  • Contact information for D.I.S.C. offices.
  • Radio Interviews
  • All new information and updates will be added to the members section only. Our "All Access Section" contains much information about Prof. Searl, however, we will share our progress reports with our members. They will be able to read, hear, and see information first hand from our teams around the world as it becomes available.
  • Plus much more!

Our membership fee is $50.00 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. This membership fee will help in the very costly efforts in progress to recreate a working SEG, and in return, we will share with you our progress and updates in doing so. If you would like additional information about membership, you may contact John Thomas.