I contacted John Searl in 1990. (Up until this time everyone thought John Searl was dead.)

1992 – I published his book “The Law of the Squares” Book 1 and had it copyrighted as are all the following books.

1992 – Compiled the first “workup” done since John Searl did one years ago on his Commodor computer. The “workup” is an excel program written to show all the elements with correct weights, dimensions and frequencies required to build an SEG.
The workup had to meet certain criteria and was verified by John Searl as correct.

1992 – I started a web site with the help of my son Jason Thomas who did all the work. SEARLEFFECT.COM

1993 – I wrote a book titled: “Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality

1994 – I lectured at the Global Sciences Conference.

1994 – John Searl assigned 10% ownership in the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of John R. R. Searl to John A. Thomas Jr. / Signed and Notarized May 5, 1994 on file which applies to the entire world, not just the U.S.A.

1995, Jan. – The company “DIRECT INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE CONSORTIUM, INC.” was formed in Rochester, New York as a “C” corporation and at John Searl’s request it was set up as equally owned by John Searl and John Thomas as the licensing company for the technology. Registered in N.Y.

In subsequent years I published and copyrighted all of John Searl’s books.

I arranged and coordinated lectures given in Colorado Springs at both the International New Energy conference (INE) and the International Tesla Society conference. (ITS)

I introduced John Searl to Bradley Lockerman who is doing a documentary on John Searl’s life and work.

I arranged and assisted at lectures done in Australia. The lectures were at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

1996 – I started working with Fernando Morris. Fernando adjusted his workup to match mine and checked for accuracy. Continued working with Fernando to develop the method needed to magnetize the ring and rollers. Worked with Fernando to successfully test print magnetic blinds.

2000 – John Searl made a solo deal with S.I.S.R.C., making D.I.S.C., INC. a subsidiary.

John Searl put the blame on me for not getting the funding needed in time. As a result, he made a deal alone and ignored the company that he funded with his technology. As it turned out the people in the new company (Martin, Ken, Richard, his brother Peter) all turned on him.

They tricked him into signing a paper that said all the computer and camera equipment that John had bought with his own money belonged to the company. This was done to avoid paying personal income tax. Once they had his signature, they fired him from the company and stole all of John’s computers and video equipment from his home while he was hospitalized through suspicious circumstances.

John still insists on using the name S.I.S.R.C. as he believes that our “2 man company” cannot function as the holding company. Someone from Boeing once told him that he wouldn’t touch a 2 man company with a bass pole. I don’t know what this person’s position was in the company, but I think he was trying to convince John Searl to get total control of the technology so they could get the technology from him without any interference.

2003 – I secured the stolen rights from S.I.S.R.C.,LTD. (See the following)


John A. Thomas Jr., CEO
373 Rock Beach Rd.
Rochester, New York

Martin Colborne
92B Sutherland Ave.
Biggin Hill, Kent  TN16 3HG

June 25, 2003           

Dear Sir:

Prof. John R. R. Searl and John A. Thomas Jr. formed a “C” corporation in the state of New York on January 9, 1995. Prof. Searl capitalized the company with his technology known as “The Law of the Squares” and his knowledge on how to apply the technology to build various devices. John A. Thomas capitalized the company with money and computer equipment. The name of the company is; “DIRECT INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE CONSORTIUM, INC.” This makes D.I.S.C., Inc. sole owner of all rights to the technology of Prof. John R. R. Searl.

No rights of ownership of any kind have been assigned or granted to S.I.S.R.C., LTD., or any other company or individual. In order for any rights to be given, the motion to do this would have to be voted on and confirmed by the board of directors of D.I.S.C., Inc., namely Prof. John R. R. Searl and John A. Thomas Jr.  As this has never happened, all rights remain with D.I.S.C., Inc.

This letter acts to serve notice to you to cease and desist all activities related to the technology of Prof. John R. R. Searl. This includes the use of his name and the use of the names of his devices, namely, SEG, IGV, SET or any other reference to Prof. John R. R .Searl or his technology. As your company, Searl International Space and Research Consortium Ltd.  Uses Prof. Searl’s name, the company name must be changed or the company disbanded.
John A. Thomas Jr.
CEO, D.I.S.C., Inc.

Witnessed and approved by:
Prof. John R. R. Searl
Pres. D.I.S.C., Inc.
C.C.  Knights Solicitors at Regency House, Martin Colborne


As you can see, John Searl has used my position in D.I.S.C., INC. to retain his rights to his technology and it’s use. However, he went back to using the name of S.I.S.R.C., LTD. instead of D.I.S.C., INC. (He has uniforms with patches that say S.I.S.R.C.)

I introduced Fernando Morris to John Searl so John could answer Fernando’s questions directly.

2005 – Assisted at lecture held in Scotland.

2006, March – I gave a lecture on John Searl’s technology at the Conference On Free Energy (COFE). Fernando attended and brought his demonstrator mock SEG.

I have traveled to England to confer with John Searl many times over the years along with assisting at some lectures in England.

John Searl has not done a workup in the time that I have known him. He relies on me or now, Fernando.

Although John Searl described what he wanted done magnetically, he had the work done by experts. Now the workup and magnetizing are done by Fernando Morris and myself. (John has the ability to put on the “4th” wave on the roller segments which he keeps confidential.)

I was the first to show a square cubed. I have done this with square 4 and I don’t know of anyone else who has done this before me. The cube is balanced according to John’s Law of the Squares. This 3 dimensional cube shows the forces at work throughout the cube. The cube can be considered akin to a representation of  the forces in action.

I have worked with John Searl for the past 15 years to re-develop his technology and to spread the word that John R. R. Searl is still alive and able to supply the world with a new clean power source.

I have complete faith that John Searl can direct the building of the SEG and IGV using his famous Law of the Squares and inspirational dreams.

I hope and prey that the funding will become available to build these devices before it is too late.


John A. Thomas Jr.