Many of these illustrations are computer renderings of what we see as a possible future
with the IGV being seen and used as a method of everyday transportation.

NOTE: None of these illustrations were created to be misleading in any way.
There are some actual photos to view - along with many ILLUSTRATIONS.

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(Not actual PHOTOS)


IGV's over an airport
Three IGV's at an airport
Four IGV's at an Airport
Square 4, Level 2 Diagram
Square 4, Level 2 Slices Diagram
IGV over London
Ohms Law Diagram
IGV over Buckingham Palace
IGV over Parliament
Pole Shift Illustration
IGV and Exploding Planet
Square Switching Illustration
IGV over Trafalgar Square
IGV on White House Lawn
IGV Over Mountain Lake
IGV over Mount Rushmore
IGV at Sunset
IGV Over Town and Hills
IGV's over Golden Gate Bridge
IGV emerging from clouds
Red Arrows and IGV Illustration
IGV over Space Shuttle
Inside Ring of SEG
Transparent view of IGV
IGV around Earth

 B/W Photo showing IGV model
B/W Photo of old team #1
B/W photo of old team on IGV
B/W photo of old team #2
Cropped photo of IGV in flight


There are MANY more actual
photos available to our members.
Many of these photos include the
construction of one of the first
IGV's (DEMO-1). In addition, our
members have access to many
technical drawings - many of which
are original diagrams created by
Prof. Searl himself. There are
photos of the magnetic fields created
by the printed magnets that make up
an SEG both from the past and
present. In addition, the members
section will contain all the new
photos as they become available.
Plus much, much more.

For more information about
becoming a member, click here.