U.K. Headquarters of D.I.S.C., Inc. and John Searl's home.


DATE OF BIRTH   : 2nd May, 1932.


PARENTS :       - Mother was Violet Gertrude Mude Searl.

                - Father was Robert Henry Searl.

12/05/1936 - Placed in the care of Dr. Barnado's homes.

23/05/1936 - Placed in a foster home at THE CHESTNUTS, Hestley Green,

             Thorndon, near Eye, Suffolk, England.

05/04/1937 - Started at Thorndon infants school.

07/08/1942 - Completed infant school.

14/09/1942 - Started at Eye secondary school.

21/06/1944 - Completed secondary school.

07/07/1944 - Started at Russell Coates Naval school.

17/06/1946 - Returned to the Dr. Barnado home in Woodford Bridge.

09/07/1946 - Begun work at British Rewind Electrical Repairs Ltd, at

             Grays Inn Road, London. Lived at 30 Crawly Road, Turnpike

             Lane, Wood Green, London.

This is where John was to experiment with his ideas and prove, by accident, that the conventional scientist's are not always correct. John found that not everything that goes up has to come down. And not everything that should stay down, does so.

The proof was clear for all to see, including an unsuspecting landlady. The gaping hole in the ceiling and the roof were things that the Luftwaffe had failed to do earlier.


  • 1946 Employed as electrical apprentice at BR Rewinds at Grays In Road, London.
    Tasks included stripping, rewinding and repairing all components of electric motors.
  • 1946 Employed as Chemist Assistant at Cannings Pharmacy, St. Peter's Street, Islington, London. - The preparation of doctors prescriptions for customers.
  • 1947 Employed as Trainee Nurse
    Upon the recommendation of the Chemist John was employed as a trainee nurse at Shenley Hospital, on the wards. Within a month was promoted into the laboratory to study Histology and Bacteriology. Within 2 months John had won a 6 year grant to study in Neurosurgery at Cambridge but this fell through due to John's guardian's refusal to assign the hospital as John's guardian, for the six year period. From this point on, with an aspiring medical career shattered, John became interested in cinema projection, from a technical viewpoint. John soon had a job as the trainee projectionist at Woodford Bridge and then at Ilford. Fortunately the manager was a ham operator and John was introduced to this field. This career move was also interuppted by an envious Guardian and so John moved to the Midlands to set up on his own.
  • 1947 Worked at a tap manufacturer during the day, and as the projectionist at the local cinema in the evening.
  • 1947 Full time projectionist at the Tower cinema, West Bromwich.
  • 1950 Conscripted to the military.
  • 1952 Employed as electrical and electronic fitter at the Midlands Electricity Board, Tipton.
  • 1953 Married.
  • 1953 Moved to Reading, worked as relief projectionist.
  • 1954 Employed at Handley Page, as prototype wireman. In this job John wired the control systems for the RAF Vicker Bombers Mk. II. and then for the VC10.
  • 1963 Moved to Racals Ltd, again as prototype wireman. The projects involved the wiring of naval gun control computers, for NATO.
  • 1963 Moved to Vanderviels Products, Maidenhead. Handled machine setting, heat treatment, inspection, plating, staff management and training.
  • 1977 Obtained Private Flying License (Advanced).
  • 1983 Retired permanently from Vanderviels. Left this area and returned to the Midlands, to take up retirement.
  • 1987 John was bought out of retirement and returned to London, by Luis Jarillo. Luis convinced John to redevelop his hobby as a business.
  • 1996 Searl Effect Commercialisation project fully planned and under way.



Includes flying (holds advanced private flying licence), model aircraft and railway and inventing. The inventing led to the Searl Effect technology.


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  • Dictionary of International Biography (CBI), from 1996 issue.
  • Certificate of Merit awarded by Cambridge International Biographic Centre.
  • 5000 Personalities of the World (ABI).


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  • 18-06-1989: The Internationale Bionik - Messe - Deutsches Museum, Munchen, Germany
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  • 3 weeks lecture tour of Denmark
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TV & RADIO Reports and Interviews

  • 24-02-1976: BBC1 Nationwide Program - Interview
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  • ??-05-1994: Southern Oregon Public TV and Local Access Cable System - Transmitted a number of times the interview at the INE Conference
  • 16-07-1994: Radio WCVE (Local) - Interview
  • 08-09-1994: Radio WCVE (Network) - Interview
  • 29-05-1995: KRO Ararat Radio Station, Hilversum, Holland - Interview of 22-10-1994 in Amsterdam