At the seminar, Middlesex University, London, England, on March 10, 1996, Prof John. R. R. Searl revealed for the very first time the secret of Searl Technology. Something he has known for fifty years.

On this occasion Searl chose to approach his audience strictly on a scientific level. He used readily available common measuring instruments such as the oscilloscope to prove his discovery.

The spike shown on the oscilloscope screen proves conclusively that a charge does exist when a specific combination of elements are pressed and formed in a pre-designated fashion. In this case, a charge of three volts every five milliseconds, repeatable. One of Searl's associates was able to measure a charge of twelve to fifteen volts repeatable, from his section of the SEG.

He starts with one segment built to his specifications. He then touches one probe from the oscilloscope to the center of the segment, the other probe is touched to the outer ring of that segment. The result is shown as a spike or peak on the oscilloscope screen.

The circuit is moving through the layered elements in the segment. The segment shows a negative potential. That is, a release of electrons is evidence of charge.

This phenomenon will set the scientific world on its ear. It shows that you can draw power from the surrounding space fabric, the area around the segment. It will continue to pulse just by using the elements. There is no photoelectric effect. It is not a solar cell. It is not a conventional capacitor. There is no energy input into it. Yet it is giving out energy, consistent and repeatable, that is, energy from the surrounding space fabric.

In fact, the energy is all around us. It exists in the surrounding space fabric. The segment emits an electron flow by tapping the potential of this surrounding space fabric. This means that there is a source of electrons that is being transmitted from the inner core of the segment to the perimeter of that segment in a continual release. The conclusively demonstrating how to access the energy all around us, the unlimited energy of the universe.