ANTI-GRAVITY: The Dream Made Reality
by: John A. Thomas Jr.

Article taken from Exraordinary Science, Volume VI, Issue 2, Apr. May Jun. 1994



Deaf Ears

 Basic Structure of SEG

The Impressed Magnetic Fields

Element Selection

Law of the Squares

The Secret of Control

The Dream Lost

 Recovering the Dream

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John Roy Robert Searl was born May 2, 1932 in a very poor family in England. He was put in foster homes and separated from his brother and sister at the age of four. At the age of four and a half years old he started having dreams. The dreams came in pairs - first dream one, then a short time later, dream two; and they occurred twice a year for six years. The dreams stopped when he was at age ten. He knew the dreams meant something, so he worked at interpreting their meaning at age ten.

At 14 he made his first Searl Effect Generator (SEG). He was financed by an elderly Welsh gentleman by the name of George Hines. Mr. Hines believed in John and financed the first six SEGs that he built, all of which were lost. The first SEG was assembled in John's house at No. S Carl Street. It was a small unit and when he completed placing the magnetic rollers on the plates, it started to go faster and faster. As the SEG speeded up, it developed a field around it, lost its gravity, flew up and hit the ceiling! John was surprised because he was trying to make a generator, not anything that would go up in the air. Meanwhile, the SEG kept hitting the ceiling until it got out and it was lost. The five subsequent ones that he built were also lost because he didn't know how to contain the field that it generated.

As Prof Searl worked, he built a total of 40 levity disks. Many of them were lost in the begin ning until he learned how to control them. When he learned how to control the SEGs, after he tested them John would disassemble them to protect the technology. He would then try to use the parts for the next generation. The last craft done was Demo 1. Unfortunately, this craft, too, has been lost.


Deaf Ears

This technology has been offered to all countries. Back in the 70's, Professor Searl, a patriot, went to his country first. He went to the Queen and the Prince and said, "Would you take this, I can show you how to build this device to generate power and to actually make a new type of spacecraft or just flying craft to take the place of airplanes." They didn't want to see him. They thanked him very much. He has letters to that effect.

He has offered it to the United States. He gave a demonstration at Edwards Air Force Base. During the demonstration, he made a remote control turn to the tune of 25 Gs, which would kill anyone inside a jet plane. The people at Edwards said, "Well that would kill anybody inside a jet plane, and we don't want to see it, because it's just too dangerous, we can't use that."

Puzzled, he did a number of subsequent tests to determine internal G-forces. One which was fool proof. It had a vial of a radioactive element suspended in the apparatus that would break with a 2G force placed on it in any one place. He sent his craft up with that in place, and made all kinds of turns that should have just smashed it. When it came back, he tested it and it was still intact.

This demonstrated that the relativity inside this craft is not the same as the relativity that we ordinarily experience in standard aircraft.

In 1989, he offered this technology to Munich, Germany and to a group of scientists who received a grant to work on this technology. It's a research and developmentnot manufactur inggrant to build a model so the SEG effect can be demonstrated. The manufacturing con tract has not been let out. Manufacturing contracts will be discussed when we have the offers in place and we can talk to investors, showing the device in action.

Professor Searl always had the device with him at all his lecturesthis allowed him to demon strate the SEG. They are all now destroyed except for two which have been given to people for health reasons. Two different individuals who were diagnosed as having lung ailments and only a matter of months to live. One of the benefits of this device is that it produces tremen dous ion discharge. An electron discharge has the effect of healing. It will heal people's lungs and also has the benefit of ion production.

Professor Searl had been in an accident in which he was carrying a very hot pan of oil that was put on the stove mistakenly and he was trying to get it outside. Someone opened the door unexpectedly

and it exploded. John was not only burned, but he was also bleeding. Fourteen days later you couldn't see a scar. So the SEG may have a healing effect.


Basic Structure of the SEG

An SEG consists of a series of three rings and rollers that go around those rings. The first ring contains twelve rollers, this amount is the same as having a twelve-cycle or twelve-phase linear motor. A linear motor will not operate on less than twelve phases. There are many other correlations you can make, but this is working along with the laws of Nature. There are twelve plates on the surface of the earth, and twelve months of the year. There can be more than twelve rollers, but no less.

Figure 1 is an illustration of what an SEG would look like. It shows what we hope our final outcome will be to make one. You notice that there are three rows as you go out. There are not the same number of rollers for each ring . It goes up by approximately 10 rollers for each ring.

All of the construction details are based on the Law of the Squares. Looking at a cutaway section of a ring of rollers, we see that this SEG is made using the square of four. The rollers revolve around the plates that form the rings, but they do not touch them. The close-up of the roller in Figure 2 shows a center element and then three other elements going out from the central core of each roller. The plates will have the same center element on the inner side and the lightest element on the outside.

Figure 3 is a drawing of the elements going from the outside layer to the inside layer. It shows dimensions and you'll notice that one of the elements is nylon. Nylon 66 is the element Prof. Searl chose to use and he used it because it has a high negative content and it also has a double bond configuration. The nylon is used as a semi-conductor in a diode.

What you have basically is a solid state device here. Figure 4. The electrons are given off from the center element (which is neodymium), and they travel out through the other elements. If the nylon had not been put there, the SEG would act like a laser and one pulse would go out and it would stop, build up, and another pulse would go out. But, with the nylon in there, the nylon acts as a control gate, and that control gate gives you an even flow of electrons throughout the SEG.

Brushes for electron pickups are found on the outside edges of SEGs designated for use in the Inverse-G vehicles. Figure 5. A set of conventional C-shaped transformers would ordinarily collect the energy for use. The Inverse-G vehicle units are made a little bit different than a conventional generator in that instead of supplying 240 volts for Europe or 130 for the United States, it puts out hundreds of millions of volts. In order to transfer that energy to a usable place on the craft, and to direct it they pick it up with brushes. These brushes are positioned all around the out side.


The Impressed Magnetic Fields

The rollers have a primary north and south pole, as do the plates in this case. There's a primary north and south pole on the rollers and a primary north and south pole on the plates. Obviously you will have the north pole of the roller attracted to the south pole of the plate.

Ordinarily they would clamp right on and not be able to move, especially being made with neodymium. But there's a secondary field impressed on these magnets using an AC compo nent. By impressing an AC magnetic field on the roller, Prof. Searl was able to create the demonstration in Figure 6 using a bar and two rollers. The rollers would go completely around the bar even around the 90 degee angle becuse of the way the fields was impressed on the magnets.

This shows the field when you make these magnets you have to use an AC component to influence the DC field. What it does, it warps it and they go on at the same time when you're turning this magnet. As the field is warped, multiple poles are formed on the surface of the rollers and on the rings of the SEG. The frequency used to do this is not the same on the rollers as it is on the rings. This creates a non unity between the two faces so that as the magnets try to achieve unity and go to a north-south orientation, they cannot do it.

The imprinting is being done in Germany. Figure 7. One of the most difficult things in making this device is to impress the magnetic lines and cool it without cracking. Coils are used to print the magnetic lines by first suppressing the existing fields, then generating the impressed field, and finally to cool the finished component. Oscilloscopes are used to monitor the printed wave form. Figure 8.

When the finished rollers are placed underneath some iron filings on paper, like at school, we get some unusual results. . . a large pattern on each pole, and almost no pattern or an angular pattern in an arc between poles . There are both layers and individual poles and this uniformity of the poles on the outside is very important. These magnetic poles will be their own prime mover.

One of the marvelous things about the SEG is that none of the parts touch. There is no friction whatsoever, the rollers float on the magnetic field because of the AC component that has been impressed upon them. They will not fly off because of the DC that has been impressed upon them. They travel around the first ring at about 250 mph. In each ring going outward, the rollers' speed in creases by 2 and a half times.


Element Selection

Now, the choosing of the elements is an important thing obviously. If one was to look at the Table of Periodic Properties of the Elements, one would notice that the atomic structure of each element is illustrated. Prof Searl discovered that most of the elements that worked the best were hexagonal, but iron is obviously not so. He uses them in conjunction with the hex agonal configuration in order to pick the correct and most efficient way to develop the effect.

The specific powders of elements are carefully weighed. These elements have to be of a specific grain size, atomic weight, and exact dimensions. They have to be put together in such a way that they meet the requirements of the Law of Squares.

The elements are used on the theory that when they progress out from the center or inside out they are at lessor weight, atomically... And these elements are made and chosen through the Law of the Squares, with the heaviest element as the center element. The center element that John Searl has used since the first SEG is neodymium, which is element number 60. Modern science has just discovered that neodymium is good to make magnets. John Searl has been using it since 1946!


Law of the Squares

A lot of people ask what is all this about the squares? Well, there are three groups of squares group one, two and three, and there can be no other. Group one squares consists of all odd numbers. All even numbers that are divisible by four are Group Two. All the rest of the even numbers not divisible by four are Group Three.

In the books, John Searl will mention that a Group 1 square rotates, I couldn't understand that so I did a little research and studying on my own and I found that if you take the numbers of Group One and show where it moves to in his corrected square, it will go to this point here, and this number will go here. This pattern develops out and it's a circular pattern showing a rotation.

When you do something similar in showing where the numbers transpose to what we call a uniform square which would be a sequentially numbered square from top to bottom, left to right. In those squares, all of the numbers in a line if you add them across or down or on a diagonal will add to the same number. All have the same line value. These have been termed Magic Squares in the past. It's not really a new technology but an old technology that's being reborn and reviewed.

In Figure 9, I have illustrated the three groups. The oscillating pattern of a Group 2 square took me some time. I went further on with this in my studies and I said well OK I have to picture this in my mind. I really couldn't quite get it., the gist of it. What I did was extrapo lated a Group 2 square out into a cube and the opened the cube up.

When I first started, I thought there had to be one answer if I could find a way to solve this square, take sequentially numbered squares and put them into an order where every line would add to the same value. And all these different directions would only be one answer.

I was wrong. Figure 10 , Figure 11 is the front view, back and top and bottom of this cube. And every one of these lines add up to the same number in every one of these squares, so I kind of surprised myself doing that. This is a three-dimensional image of that cube.

Now, even at that what does that show you? Starting with this cube I found that there's a switching pattern involved and I could equate the switching pattern of the squares to the switching pattern I saw in the cube which brought to me a three dimensional realm. I could easily make the jump to a switching pattern in the atomic valences or atomic structure.


The Secret of Control

The initial working models were not remote controlled. They were one-time shots John de scribed as firecracker models. Once he started them, they took offnever to be seen again! Prof. Searl says "it's an awfully expensive firecracker! " I imagine they were. Then he learned how to control it.

Prof. Searl was giving a news interview and the people were there with the video cameras and the press and he said ...Now this device will never stop. No matter what you do it will never stop. And it will always supply you with power.

And so the video camera came down and panned down real close to the SEG and the SEG stopped! John further describes the moment: My mouth fell open and I felt like a fool because

I'd just finished telling them it would never stop.

He'd never seen it stop before. What happened was very embarrassing, but it was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to him. He realized immediately that the key was in the frequency and that the frequency of the television camera was putting out a harmonic or a resonant frequency of the primary frequency of the SEG and it counteracted it and caused the poles to reach a unification state and stop.

And so that is how he got the key on how to control the SEG. Through a remote control he could now slow it or stop it entirely. Up to this point he was not stopping it.


The Dream Lost

A good number of models in various sizes were built and flown. Of course, this work attracted a lot of visitors. John would have anyone who wanted to view his craft, the generator or view the craft in flight to sign in and put a little comment about what they thought. There were many famous people and there were hundreds of namesthey were not retrieved. They're all lostburned in the fire.

Prof. Searl wanted to fly one of the models himself. He was about ready to . Friends in New Zealand had committed money to build a three-man craft and were all set to go. Land had been cleared and they were all set to start construction. One of his motivations is that when he went to a number of test pilots and showed them models of flight, they all looked at the high G factors and the high voltage and then refused to fly of it.

So John proceeded to go and take flight school. He did take flight school to the point that he was qualified to take passengers. Which, if you know anything about flying, it's a lot more than getting your Piper Cub license. He accomplished this just before he was arrested.

While under persecution, John had to leave his largest model unattended for a lengthy period. Prof. Searl went back to retrieve it, I think it was about six months ago now, and he said that when he left it there, it was supposedly safe. Unfortunately, the person that let him use the land died and his wife sold off the land. The new owner, a policeman, sold it for junk.

So it was very disappointing. It had tons of copper - about five tons of copper . But it was sold just for the copper. It was pitiful because it was the only thing he had left to show his work - everything else was destroyed. Even photos are very hard to come by. They come in little trickles, from different people who have worked on it. There's not much publicity and most of it has been destroyed.


Recovering the Dream

Various people throughout history have claimed to have generated what the scientific commu nity calls Free Energy. And many of them have claimed to have produced anti-gravity devices and craft. To day, most of them are dead. We're trying to retrace their endeavors to rediscover their technology. Most of these inventors were very secretive so that their inventions would not be stolen, or fall into the wrong hands. All of their motives are understand able. The result was that their technology and inventions were lost. They were so afraid that someone would try to steal it, or that it would get into the wrong hands. Now, no one has it.

Some of these great inventors were, in my opinion, Nikola Tesla, John Keely, Victor Schauberger, Otis Carr, and there are probably a number of them I don't know about. I'm getting in contact every day with people who have devices that they say work. Prof. Searl has kept many aspects of his technology secret in the past for the same reasons. He was wrong fully imprisoned and all of his equipment and papers were destroyed, as I've told you about. This was almost the end of the Searl technology.

But John Searl is not to be stopped. He's very strong-willed and dedicated to using his tech nology to make a better world for mankind. He's released this work in the form of books entitled "The Law of the Squares." so that it will not be destroyed again.

I've asked people:

How much would you give to talk to Nikola Tesla, to be able to talk to your specific interest Guru or leader?

I'd give a lot to talk to Tesla, to Keely or to many others. What marvelous inventions could they come up with in light of our modern discoveries? Take Tesla today and show him the transistor; what do you think he'd come up with in view of what he came up with in the past.

Did Keely really conquer gravity using sound waves through sympathetic vibrations? Did Schauberger really create a gravity field using vortexian action in liquids? Did Carr have special windings in his craft that allowed him to generate voltage needed for anti-gravity? These questions may never be answered except by diligent research and experimentation. Even then it may take years.

Prof. Searl is alive today. He wants to give this technology to the world today. Will we wait too long to accept it? Will we waste our time scoffing to disprove his technology as has been done by others in the past? Will we turn a blind eye to his attempt to move us into the future as we did to Tesla so that we can hold on to the past?

I say we don't turn a blind eye. We're looking for the visionaries of today to move ahead now in order to save the people of this planet. Figure 12. We no longer have the luxury of saying someday somebody else will do it. We've damaged our atmosphere severely. We've depleted our natural resources. We're cutting down our rain forests, at an alarming rate. We all hear about these things and feel we can do nothing about them.

We can do something about them now, though, if we act before its too late and get this tech nology going. There's a very minuscule amount of time, as we look at the big picture of the earth and we've almost ruined the atmosphere. Some cities are almost unlivable because of the smog. This technology could do something about that. That's why I'm involved with it.

John A. Thomas, Jr.